Katie Kermode

Front-end developer // Memory athlete

Photo of Katie K


I started competing in memory sports in 2008, having first encountered basic memorisation techniques at a young age. Since then I have taken part in competitions in the UK, USA and Austria, as well as appearing on the Chinese TV show "The Brain". I am currently one of the top 25 memory athletes in the world, according to the official IAM world rankings, and hold 4 IAM world records.

I also co-created memorisation & recall software that is now being used for IAM competitions across the world:

Records and titles

  • World Record in 5-minute Names (105)
  • World Record in 15-minute Names (224)
  • World Record in 15-minute Words (318)
  • World Record in Memory League Words (50 in 51.31 seconds)
  • MSO Memory Champion 2018
  • MSO Memory Champion 2017
  • UK Memory League Champion 2016
  • UK Memory Champion 2012